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Itís not just for tree huggers


Irrespective of where you fall in the political spectrum, and irrespective of your personal beliefs regarding the significance of your molding operationís ďcarbon footprintĒ, itís hard to argue against saving energy and doing more with less. This simply increases efficiency. Itís basic economics. If less money is spent on a manufacturing operation, more of the revenue generated by sales of the product made by that operation goes to the bottom line. Profits are higher when energy costs are lower. Tachytherm molds are all about doing more with less. Consider these aspects:

If molding cycle time can be reduced, more parts can be produced with fewer cavities in a similar amount of time. This means a mold with fewer cavities may suffice, in lieu of a more expensive mold with a greater number of cavities.

Also, with fewer cavities, the projected area of the cavities will be smaller, thus enabling the mold to be run in a smaller press with lower clamp tonnage. This represents an equipment cost savings opportunity.

Got a large run requiring multiple presses? Perhaps you donít need as many as you originally assumed. Improving the cooling efficiency may help you avoid the purchase of an entire molding press. That would be significant savings indeed.

Tachyallassothermic molding isnít just ecologically responsible, itís fiscally responsible. Itís the right thing to do.